FIX OPENLOAD STREAM AUTHORIZATION in KODI 16.1 - Stop Pigeons Problem & URL Link errors (Oct

FIX OPENLOAD STREAM AUTHORIZATION in KODI 16.1 – Stop Pigeons Problem & URL Link errors (Oct 2016)

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Updated Openload here


How to FIX OPENLOAD STREAM AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED problem in KODI 16.1 Jarvis / 17 Krypton (NEW November 2016)
Real solution to stop ‘Nice Pigeons’ Video Problem & URL Link Errors with any KODI Build.

– Pair Devices to Solve Authorization Required Link Issues
– How to Stop Video Streaming Errors with Addons
– Prevent Failed to Resolve URL / Failed to Play Error Message
– Solution for URL Resolver problem
– Easy Setup Tutorial with Step-by-Step Explanation
– Easiest Method Ever!

Fix for Best Video Addons:
Bobbys Cartoons
Cartoon HD
Cold as Ice
Community AllSorts
Entertainment HUB
Free Movies
HD Box
Imperial Streams
Kid’s Movies
Kids Tube
Movie Hut
Movie Mix
Movie Vault
Playbox HD
Project Cypher
Release HUB
Scene Peeper
Specto Fork
Stream All The Sources (SALTS)
Super Cartoons
The Alpha
The Giddy Up Netwook
The Pyramid
The Royal We
TombRaider Movies
UK Turk Playlists
Watch Cartoon Online
White Devil Streams

and many more

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  1. i have an android box i have installed 1channel/primeiwre all of the movies and jtvshows pop up with pictures description and how long each video is…..but when i got play the movies it said working then (failed to play url problem contact your log) how can i fix this problem ?

  2. no way I got in touch with open load and the reason why they are doing that is because they said they need money to run the bandwidth,what you need to do is buy your own bandwidth like I did and watch all the movies in the world,and that will put an end to all the no stream,and no sources if you are on stream all the souces

  3. For us, when we see the openload pair message, we let the process countdown. Usually takes just under a minute to countdown and then the video will start with no further nag popups. We only notice this with OpenLoad links, which is a pain. Again, the most we miss of the video is the dialog, but still, it is considered rude in our house to get popup nag screens. I am sure, given enough time, someone will get tired of this crap and build a fix. In the mean time, we can all sit tight and wait.

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  4. dont trust these guys … when i unzipped the files…. i was jamming to music… guess what happend… they were restoring all my deleted files.. it said like almost 300 hundred files.. i havent downloaded shit beside there bullshit.. i know this for a fact because i juse restored my windows ten computer.. i ran dos cmds and got an ip add.. gnna ping the shit out of it


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