Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One) – EP16 – Pitched a Tent

Fry up some bloomin’ onions, it’s time to hop the equator to Australia in Forza Horizon 3! The Horizon series embraces Forza’s console arcade-racing gameplay, in an open-world drift-em-up party atmosphere that I’m about 15 years too old for! We’ve got many friends playing this game also, such as VintageBeef, ConeDodger, and more, so look forward to some multiplayer mayhem!

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  1. You have mentioned that there's too much stuff on the map a couple of times now and I totally agree. But did you know that you can press LB to filter out everything you don't need?

  2. When looking for puns or alliteration, remember that Jaguars are also mountain lions, pumas, cougars, panthers, and catamounts. Though you might not want to confuse things with "Cougar."

  3. Kurt that drift skills car is an absolute beast! You could sell it on the auction house for up to 1 million credits as well although I'd personally keep it as they are great fun to just hoon around in and do drift zones etc! I saved up a load of cash to buy one from the auction house and ended up getting a steal for just 500,000 or so but the Horizon Edition cars are pretty rare!


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