Free iPad Offers – Are They Real Or Fake?

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You may have been bombarded with numerous offers about a free iPad. And you may have wondered if any of these offers are actually true.

The answer is yes. Some of these offers are indeed legitimate. However, there are also offers which are fake. Worse, there are people who peddle these offers without informing you what, exactly, will be asked of you. Sometimes, they will ask you to sign up for a free iPad, and once you agree, you'd discover later on that you also signed up to a locked in subscription (for a 3G, WiFi, or even a totally unrelated service) that's good for a couple of years.

Bummer, right?

But there are legitimate offers that do not need to trick you into signing up.

All they want is your participation to test drive the Apple iPad, and in return, they are more than willing to give you a unit – for free!

Why is this so?

It's because these legitimate companies have legitimate purposes, and if both aspects are legitimate, then the free iPad offers they promote should also be legitimate.

These companies want your participation to test the Apple ipad either because:

1. They are associated with Apple and bugs or defects in the interface, function, and usage of the portable computing system will greatly affect their interests. Companies that fall under this group may either be tech partners of the parent company, contractors charged with the manufacturing of the various components of the iPad, third party developers, and even retail distribution chains who want to ensure the integrity of the product.

2. They are planning to strike a partnership with Apple as third party developers, distributors, advertisers and the likes, and they want to guarantee that the iPad is the perfect vehicle for their goals.

3. They are planning to compete with Apple and want to know how they can improve on the features of the iPad.

Indeed, there are legitimate free iPad offers (like the ones we have enumerated above) and questionable ones.

How can you determine which is which?

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