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Freedocast has different schedules for the viewers; one can watch the live TV, web host a party and play live radio for free as per the schedules listed. Schedules are nothing but a list of sequences in a broadcast.

Freedocast has news and technology in which the emerging technologies and the news up to date are covered. Freedocast has animals, new and technology, entertainment, sports, music and movies for the viewership of the audience.

Freedocast has featured channels and most viewed channels by which the audience can browse through different channels which display the list.

Freedocast has the feature called “start broadcasting”by which the audience can start broadcasting for free over the internet, all one needs is internet connection and a web camera.

We have Home,Channels,Playlists,Schedules,Profiles,Videos for the audience to browse.

Freedocast has the feature of upcoming program by which the audience can fix up the schedules schedules are nothing but informing viewers about his/her future broadcast.

After subscribing, one can host his own channel with the option of sharing the videos, saving the videos for other viewers .

Broadcasting can be defined as “Broadcasting is the distribution of audio or video signals which transmit programs to an audience. The audience may be the general public or a relatively large sub-audience, such as children or young adults.”

With freedocast we can share the internet channel for free .Freedocast just needs a web camera hooked up to the internet connection ,one can broadcast for free while he/her being online .

With freedocast one can enjoy the live shows with the option of choosing the most recently viewed and featured channels. One can enjoy the most viewed channels.

The audience can enjoy the animals ,entertainment, sports, event broadcasting, people broadcasting ,music and movies and others categories while viewing.

Freedocast has the feature of upcoming programs and channel of the week.

Freedocast has umpteen number of channels to watch and enjoy for all age groups. It has playlists ,schedules, profiles also to watch for.

Playlists can be defined as “list of songs”whereas schedules can be defined as “informing viewers about his/her future broadcasts

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