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HTC phones have two exceptional qualities-they are stylish and look extremely sophisticated. Not impressed? Well, then it is time to look at the long list of features. HTC is known for their exclusive creation of touch reactive handsets. Some of the popular ones which have amazed the users include names like HTC Diamond, HTC 5500, and the HTC Excalibur S620. The newest addition is the HTC Touch Pro. This is one phone which is designed for the common man. Not only it is great to look at but also it has an efficient functioning which makes it a top choice among users.

Sleek is gorgeous. You do not believe it! You have to look at HTC Pro 2 to understand the statement. The slim shape will definitely catch the attention of the users. This is extremely lightweight which makes it easier to carry. The mobile that fits the pocket literally and metaphorically is indeed a wonder! This slider phone comes with an attractive display screen. Along with it, one has the unique opportunity of using the QWERTY keyboard which is just like the normal keyboard attached with the computer. Now text messaging can be fast. The TFT touch screen is known for its high resolution of 480×640 pixels.

The 2.8 inch wide screen allows the users to have a better view of the contents. The swipe navigation allows you to map an unknown road without difficulty. Along with it comes the handwriting recognition feature. This phone is truly amazing and a wonder for the tech savvy person. Smart and sleek, this mobile is owner's pride. The 288 megabytes RAM along with 512 mega bytes ROM allows greater storage capacity. However it has an expandable memory and you can use the microSD card for storing all the important documents and precious photographs. Photocall is an exclusive feature of this phone.

With HTC Touch Pro, you can send and receive picture messages along with text messages. The users can receive emails and send messages simultaneously. Life becomes less complicated and much easier with this phone in hand. The HTML in the phone will allow the users to browse through the web. The 3.15 megapixel camera offers crystal clear images. This seems to be an exaggeration? You have to see them to know the truth! The camera comes with flash, autofocus and the VGA video call camera. You can never be lost with your in-built navigator at hand. This phone has the special GPS system which keeps a track of all the unknown destinations.

This is a complete package with other features like the FM radio with RDS, the system of pocket office and the in-built MP3 player. If music is your life, let it play on! The battery has a longer life than the usual standard phones. Now you carry your special documents and all your cherished memorable moments with you in the HTC Touch Pro 2.

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