GIANT ENEMY CRAB – We Need to Go Deeper Gameplay Part 1

A Simple Click Really Helps

“Excuse me, Mr. Cameron, if you’re ready we’re all set to start shooting Avatar 2 today.”
“Cool! Let’s do it!”
“Uh.. we kinda need you to hop out of that miniature submarine first.”
“Never! I have to find Rose’s treasured necklace before Bill Paxton gets to it first! Beep-boop-boop! Wooosh! Pew-pew!”
“I wouldn’t worry about that sir.”

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  1. I think the accent is great maybe it's because I live around a lot of people with southern draws but I never saw James as making fun of black people but southern people. Also am I the only one who loves the name Glengarry Glenmoss?

  2. Watched this video weeks ago, but James needs to bring back black mark twain. Even if he has to do white mark twain to avoid racial implications. His old timey southern/Louisiana accent is fucking hilarious!


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