Good Budget $450 RX 470 i3 Custom Gaming PC Build 2016

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i3 6100
Gigabyte RX 470 Windforce:
Power Supply

$450 Build
*Don’t forget to vote for the GTX 1050Ti vs the RX 470!
MSI H110:
Thermaltake Versa H23:
Tom’s Hardware Reviews the MSI H110M and tests it vs a H170 chipset motherboard:,4688.html
Tests show that at stock speeds chipset doesn’t really matter.

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  1. Well… that's true. I am more green boys fan cos all nvidia gpu problems i ever had were driver problems which i always solved easy with reverting to older driver or installing new one, but rx 470 is, definitely, better choice than 1050 ti.
    Only reason to go 1050 ti could be no pin connector versions of this card. Either way, i like the parts you have chosen.

  2. any thoughts on which would be a better choice for a card to ru for at least the new 18 mionths? the rx 480 or the gtx 1060, i like the rx 480 for its long term viability but the 1060 is smoking hot with dx 11 right now.

  3. I'm looking to buy exact same build I have rx 470 and looking for new budged cpu do u think it will be a good deal I have 60hz monitor and I want to play games at 60fps like u say

  4. I have a question: could you replace the i3 with an Intel Pentium G3258? I've seen that the price of the G3258 and matching MSI H81M-P33 (it can overclock) is cheaper than the i3. Once overclocked (4.0-4.2ghz is about what you can do safely on a stock cooler) the G3258 out performs the i3 in almost all cases. So I think its a good alternative, what do you think?


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