Google Pixel vs Apple iPhone 7 camera shootout

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  1. I always shoot in RAW and never bother with white balance until afterwards and so do 99.99999999999999999999999% of all professional photographers out there. White balance is usually completely pointless when you're taking the photos.

  2. 1. a blurry photo from a man moving? ok thats a lie, -1 pt pixel
    2. the next picture, the iphone captured every detail neatly, the pixel blurred the woman going upstairs, the iphone got the 2 women correct and even rob's faces doesnt look blurry, -1 pt for pixel

  3. The Pixels detail was much more crisp but one of the things that make most of these test unfair 1st They are never compared to a DSLR camera shot to see the True differences. 2nd Every camera distorts at different angles and lighting even a fraction of a degree can make a huge difference. 3rd The Best pictures come from the Photographer using the Camera not necessarily the Camera. Learn Photography before you can grade any camera for its quality.

  4. These apple fan boys are insufferable. First of all a higher dxo mark of only 3 point wont show a huge difference in image quality. You also need a monitor or TV that's calibrated to be able to see a a better representation of what the images actually look like. Because if you don't you'll only see a brighter image compared to a darker picture but it won't show the true representation of the images dynamic range. To me the iPhones images were incredible but what I would like to point out was to pay attention to how the skin tones are rendered because if you do the pixles pictures are superior, not by much so don't start whining… you still have a good phone iPhone users.


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