Google Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test Comparison

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Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus vs Google Pixel/Pixel XL Detailed Camera Comparison.
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Comparing the front-facing selfie cameras, the 4K/12 megapixel rear facing cameras, auto-focus and audio of the Pixel XL vs iphone 7 Plus for both video and photos with example shots indoors, outdoors and in low-light.

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  1. The best for photos are Sony phones, most phone companies buy the glass lenses and sensors (like the Huawei P9) from Sony.
    I have the Xperia Z3 witch came out more the 2 years ago and it can still do one of the best pictures out there. (from phones obviously)

  2. I see more definition with the Google phone but everytime I play with one at the store …it has a dark tint to the photos..just the same as your does above.. I don't like that, seems the colors are not true

  3. in such comparisons Android will always get more viewer support, it is natural, they have so much bigger portion of the market, the reason is similar to diesel engines winning big time – stupid people who always calculate bang for buck, people without aesthetic taste – who buys a phone that has a back like pixel :)

  4. it's so obvious that Apple are trying to compensate by taking ultra vibrant pics and slightly blurred selfies to make your skin look better. through the whole thing I was thinking that the pixel has great clarity but I don't need people seeing all the dents and imperfections on my face when I post a selfie.

  5. 0:34 audio: iphone7= 5 – pixel= 8
    0:57 video(4k): iphone7= 8 – pixel= 7
    1:10 video(1080p): iphone7= 8 – pixel=8.5
    1:19 video(stabalization): iphone7= 8 – pixel= 9.5
    1:38 auto focus: iphone7= 8 – pixel= 9.5(quick)
    3:32 picture quality: iphone7= 8 – pixel=10 (god mode)
    3:32 picture quality(100% zoomed): iphone7=low detail – pixel=mad ass detail
    5:08 back cam: iphone7= 10 – pixel=10
    7:08 low light shot: iphone7= 7.2(good details) – pixel=7
    7:45 low light(out door): iphone7= 8 – pixel=9
    what to buy>?????? go buy a pixel. google made it,no third party company. apple seems to be making phones focusing towards only what chinise market wants
    and if u happend to b on instagram, follow me @badhon_ebrahim
    drop a thanks below if this helped u.


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