GPD Win Video Review

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This is my official review of the GPD Win Gaming Handheld for Windows 10 and PC Games.

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  1. Hi Guys
    I really want to buy the gamepad GPD Win 5.5 inch .
    i checked the price on geekbuying 359$ with Portable Travel Carry Case and free shipping.
    if you know better offer please share with me.
    advance thanks

  2. hey can this play the Fate series from Wildtangent and wizard101 and pirate101 because i was thinking of getting this and do a review of pc, nds, and psp games it can run also i heard from websites this is combatible with xbox one and ps4 games as well!!

  3. thinking of getting one for playing eve online and borderlands 2 online game play sessions with friends through steam using my mobile phone as a wifi hotspot… would this device be able to do this?

  4. Please do an "after a month" review, I really want one but I have purchased things like this and they work fine for a few days and then they break or something I would really appreciate that

  5. the GPD win isnt the first handheld sized laptop pc as you said on the beginning
    there were stuff like the Viliv N5, Umid mbook and etc way before.
    but still you could say its the first to be sold with Windows 10 since the handhelds that i mentioned run windows xp, 7, or linux on the store shelves


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