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SIM only deals are hot at the moment as people realise maybe they don’t need to upgrade their phone every two years.

Because of this, the SIM only market is extremely competitive with many of the networks and resellers competing with each other on price – plus it’s Black Friday later this month, too. That’s great news for us as it’s resulting in some super hot deals. A

The best SIM only deal out there right now is this one from EE – it offers 7GB data and unlimited calls and texts for just £12 per month. That’s the cheapest 7GB SIM only deal out there at the moment.

It’s currently running super-hot over at Hot UK Deals which is always a good indication of offer-strength.

The next best deal is this one from Tesco Mobile which costs 50p more per month but offers less data and less minutes and texts. It’s still a great deal but just not as strong as the below offer from EE.

We’ve added the details about this deal below, and beneath that you’ll find a handy comparison tool so that you can filter, sort and compare all of the SIM only deals currently on sale in the UK.

ee htc one m8 deals

EE SIM only | 7GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £12 per month
This is by some distance our favourite SIM only deal out there at the moment. For just £12 per month you can get unlimited calls and texts with 7GB data on the superspeed EE 4G network. It’s a 24 month contract so if you’re looking for a short term fixed this might not be for you, but if you’re in it for keeps this deal is hot! We’re not sure how long this one will last so if you’re tempted you should know it might suddenly disappear.

View this deal: at Carphone Warehouse

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