Hands-on: Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

AppleInsider goes hands on with Apple’s all new MacBook Pro with revolutionary Touch Bar.


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  1. very beautiful, highly unuseful… This is what happens when the Steve Jobs team does tings without Steve Jobs… Sadly they can't bring him back this time… Seems like we are on the verge of a new Microsoft golden age…

  2. instead of strip the tool bar from main screen and put in touch bar.. why not they transform the whole keyboard layer as secondary touch screen with huge potential of customization… ohyeah~ forget Apple does not believe in customize…oops///

  3. in a few years the touch bar will be taken for granted by the exact same people who are bashing it now before even having used it.

    You have a touch screen instead of your function keys, they are completely customisable and you're calling it "useless", "gimmick" or "nothing special"? Bitch please, this has predictive text on it like on your smartphone, how often do you use that?

    The fact that you can scrub a film without having to use a mouse and bring up menus etc.is crazy handy in itself. Not to mind all the other great things that you can do with it, like swiping from left/right in PS to change colours of different layers whilst looking at the display is handy as fuck.

  4. reminds me of Android. developing this amazing stuff but in reality who is really going to use it? reaching over the keyboard to use the touch bar is stupid.

  5. I think the only purpose the Touch Bar will provide me is to provide notifications, such as message previews so it doesn't distract my work. Other than that, I don't want to be reaching up to play with a bar. We'll see how it is after I get mine though.

  6. there is compressed 4k and there is real 4k. what bit rate were those demos? like 30 mbps like what you get from an iPhone? likely highly compressed. I would like to see how it actually performs on real 4k footage, like in the 400 mbps…or even raw? it will probably choke…underpowered again for a price premium for thinness. Enough apple! do some real innovation.

  7. I'm probably getting a 13 inch. Do you guys think I should update to 16gb memory and dual core i7 ? I don't really know what those do so if someone can help me understand their functionalities that would be great! I'm a student so I'm wondering if the given one is good or should I get it an upgrade on those two things.


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