Has Microsoft Outsmarted Apple? We’re Sizing Up the New MacBook Pro

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  1. Macbook air (at $999) was not updated and will cease being part of the product range but its replacement Macbook Pro 13" with function keys is well over $1000 per unit costing $1499.

    Being thinner and slightly lighter is an irrelevance because Macbook Pro was already fairly thin and fairly light.

  2. Way better view this week. I feel that Apple and Microsoft are both after as many markets as possible. I honestly feel like the Microsoft Surface Line has got a huge boost in appeal with their latest desktop demonstration. I feel like a lot of people will hold out for this, and not just creative professionals. I feel that it will be a huge success across all markets, not just creative professionals. I feel like it's appeal will reach farther than the apples laptop which is losing out on customer appeal do to bad decisions, to say the least. If apple is going to take away things, when it adds a new feature, it needs to focus on becoming more affordable to make up for all they are taking away.

    I feel like it would be much better for the MacBook pro's to have stayed the same size, and increase their battery capability, instead of taking away ports and going smaller. Bad move in my opinion. Not that people don't like smaller devices, it's just very impractical to lose battery power and ports which are way more important than being thin.

    Since the move of the market is towards mobile, the mac line should focus on becoming more like mobile devices in their interfacing including a full touch screen, LTE mobile integration, am/fm for outside music, and epic mobile apps that are currently available on mobile devices, including the games that are currently available on apple tv. The app tv app os should become available across all devices–that includes the mac line, which the CEO Tim Cook left out in the keynote announcement. http://innovativeaspirations.blogspot.com/2016/11/comments-on-has-microsoft-outsmarted.html?view=magazine

  3. OSX has been a disgrace since its last stable release Snow Leopard, there used to be some discipline in regards to the UI but I guess Steve Job isnt there to berate people anymore and the Mac brand has been circling the drain for years.


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