HDHomerun Kodi / XBMC Live TV Add-On – Full Review

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Download it here – get the firmware first!! https://www.silicondust.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=87

Silicondust released a HDHomerun add on for Kodi that brings live television plus a full electronic program guide (EPG) to the platform. The new add-on supports searching by keyword or by station and network. Channel numbers can also be directly typed in. The add-on supports Kodi / XBMC compatible remote control applications too.

The two things it doesn’t do are record live television and play back DRM protected channels on cable (like HBO). But the viewer add-on can work alongside other applications on your network that do.

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  1. I have a question for you: when you select a HD channel, do you see HD (i.e. 16:9) video in kodi? I have a hd homerun prime, cable card from optimum and all channels are in SD quality.

  2. Hey Lon, is it possible to view the TV guide from Kodi HDHOMERUN app? say i want to see what is coming in one hour on the channel, or is it only showing you whats playing is there a third party app that would let me have the TV Guide on a windows PC or ipad?

  3. +lon seidman  can i use a air antenna to use this to watch tv over the air or you have to get satellite tv services or cable please help me       #(Addon Spotlight: HDHomeRun Live TV) and which one can i use for over the air antenna

  4. Help!!! I am a senior 55+ lady on low income. I want to elimate my satellite and these high costs! I just purchased a Sony 40" TV with full HD 1080P; Wi/Fi; HDMI x 2; USB play; HDMI; Netflex Crackle; Utube; VUDU movies & tv; and Amazon instant video (all that was on the box the TV came in). I am VERY technical illiterate!!!
    What else do I need to buy to be able to watch my shows and record, like HGTV, etc? And where do I buy, & how do I attach this item or items? In advance, thanks for your help.♡Pat B.

  5. Lon, thanks a bunch for your great videos. I have learned a lot and appreciate your work. Question,will we have a standard tv guide with this addon? another question is can you recommend a good remote control  to work with Kodi,and lastly is it possible to have the HD addon come up automatically? Tks Roy

  6. Maybe I'm missing something.  I really see no use for this.  If I want to watch cable I can already watch it on my TV.  Also, they have add-ons like Icefilms and 1Channel that have pretty much every TV show and movie you can think of.  The only thing I might be able to see this as beneficial is if someone wanted to record games.  I'm not too much into sports, but I'm sure Kodi already has add-ons for that too.

  7. Lon, I was able to install this addon from Kodi, but my question is that I have my HD homerun connected, it stutters on my ouya and firetv, but is flawless on my laptop. I read on Kodi forum there is a issue with transcoding MPEG 2 or these android STB's does not support MPEG 2 conversion. I wonder if adjusting the advance XML file would help the conversion. 

  8. Man..Someone needs to make this work over the internet so I can watch LIVE tv on my phone!!!! That hdsuferwave setup was just to cluncky & unrelieable!!! lol!!

  9. Can someone please do a video on installing the prime out of box and explain that besides getting the cable card from cable company that you also have to get a tuning adapter from cable company too. Show how and why you need that adapter 

  10. I am running helix 14.2 on my fire tv and i downloaded the latest hdhomerun addon but when it launches it gets stuck on "fetching guide" …any ideas on how i can fix this…any input greatly appreciated!

  11. Is there any reason for me to use this when i have the HDHomeRun Prime 6cc tuner box and use Windows Media Center to record and watch TV? 
    It seems like an awesome free alternative (assuming it works with my box) for when i upgrade to Windows 10 and WMC costs money to DL. 

  12. Hey Lon love your channel but just found something that you might find helpful for using a XBMC Rpi to record Live Tv + use EPG Live TV etc. Seing as I have a desktop at home with WMC this at first glance looks alot easier and featurific to me:



    Ps – Be cool to see you make a demo vid showing these apps in use

  13. It works well. OTA is the ONLY way to get the guide data. I have the basic cable in here, the HD will not pull that data from it since the signal is encrypted, which should be ILLEGAL since it is freely provided by the broadcasters.

  14. installed the add on but it shows no data for the channel listing. im able to view channels and select new channels but no info about whats on that channel. any idea how to fix it? im using a hd homerun prime on windows 7

  15. Hey Lon,

    I know this is slightly off tangent, but do you know if SiliconDust is also working on a Plex addon? I'm very happy Kodi is getting the attention it deserves from a major developer. I hope that this leads to more developers creating official addons for Kodi. 

  16. Seems promising, but like you, I'm already running WMC for DVR, and with THAT Kodi plugin, I get live PLUS recorded. So at this point, I only see this useful for people who don't want to DVR (yeah, all 2 of you). Or I suppose those without a computer. But then, what are they running Kodi on.


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