Holiday Gift Unboxing: Astro Gaming A50 GEN3! (Wireless Headset)

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With the Holiday season is quickly approaching us I would say it is that time again to unbox some cool things you may want to add to your wishlist! Today we will be taking a closer look at the Astro Gaming wireless A50s (GEN3). Once again, big THANKS to the folks at Astro for providing this headset to me for unboxing purpose!

Astro Gaming A50 GEN3 (Discount link)

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  1. people who complain about the price point just needs to get a grip. i mean its like saying why should i buy a ferrari when i can buy a toyota since they both can get me around the city. if you have the $$$ to splurge why da hell not? sorry not to disrespect people on a budget or broke but dont try to discredit something that you cant afford.

  2. It amazes me how many people will spend $300 for a shitty overpriced gaming headset. You can spend $200 on some amazing headphones with a separate mic & get much much better quality sound, build & drivers. Gamers are so dumb!!

  3. someone please help!! i have this headset but also want to use on my xbox one. i have it sll connected to xbox right now and all my settings are correct but i can not get chat audio on xbox one with the Playstation version. is there a fix?

  4. +KuutenV3 hey pussy boi, having not owned many nice things in my life. I can say that the A40 headset was worth the money. Quality shit. Don't see to much of that nowadays. Motherfucker

  5. Save hundreds of dollars and get the gen 2 or even the first gen astro a50!!! Nothing really changed between them! Look at the reviews online if you think I am lying. Thank you and have a nice day!

  6. Im buying em. I was gunna wait til Scorpio but now is better. Ive had the original A50s since 2011 & they still go strong. So im due for an upgrade if i do say so myself. I just hate the Xbox colors. Does any1 know if i can skin the headset?


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