Hospital Threatens to FIRE Staff Who Buy New iPhone 7

Apple seems to be running out of lucky in China, because another company has just banned employees from buying the iPhone 7.
A women’s hospital in Chongqing, China, is threatening to fire anyone who breaks the no-iphone7 rule.


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  1. Pixel will not even be available in china… China doesn't like Google services.. So if you want the phone. Google has to come up with a way to sell it in china without unlimited storage, Google assistant etc.. Basically they have to remove most of the selling points of the phone

  2. well, I mean, certain fields in the medical field are very profitable. so these people may easily have the money. that's why everyone wants their kids to be doctors. assured job and good pay XD

  3. The battery Lithium-ion are the one that can have the "explosion" problem, and they also are in Iphones. So as long as you use something with Li-ion batteries in it, you have a risk…and most of the phones are using this type of battery, because it's very effective, they have a better charging capacity and last longer.
    All Li-ion batteries won't explode, of course. It can happen because of a problem at the assemblage/montage, of a choc or because of a rise in temperature (like leaving your phone in the car in summer, for example), and that doesn't happen often considering how many batteries are made and used everyday without having problems. But Samsung aren't the only phones that can have this problem. Iphones and other phones and ipad….can as well.


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