Hot Pepper Review of the 2016 Presidential Election

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Hey guys! It’s been a tough past couple months for politics in the United States, so we thought it would be good to review the 2016 presidential election. Hope that helps!


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Music: Ideetje by RoccoW

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  1. I respect that you only encouraged people to vote and didn't tell them who to vote for. More than a few youtubers whose videos I can't enjoy purely because they tried to tell people who to vote for. Thank you.

  2. Maaaaaan, if I had one wish I would wish for the chance to ask Erin out (not go out because I have such a huge crush that I actually respect her right to choose)… but hot damn would I seize that opportunity like mom's spaghetti.

    All I'm asking for is one serendipitous instance of us both sleeping through our alarms and then carelessly bumping into each other while racing in opposite directions down the side walk, throwing caution and consideration to the wind for fear of losing our jobs. My notecards for a presentation go flying. Her tea goes all down my fine pressed business attire. We both throw our hands up in frustration thinking "why me, why now", but that frustration quickly fades as we look up and recognize the same thing in each other's eyes… a chance at something real.

    …I mean is that too much to ask YouTube?!


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