How Accounting Has Changed With Computers

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Starting from early days of clay tokens to the development of the abacus, accounting can be counted as one of the most important practices performed in our old civilization. This practice gained its first recognition when commercial revolution took place and double-entry bookkeeping came into an existence. Approximately hundred years later, Luca Pacioli- one of the famous Franciscan monk, wrote down a mathematics book that highlighted three essential things required by merchants: adequate cash or credit, an accounting system, and a good bookkeeper. And, today if we carefully study the present scenario, accounting has emerged as one of the most promising career options. In fact, these days many young aspiring students are opting for accounting courses and therefore joining accounting schools. However, if we talk in terms of changes that accounting as a practice or career has witnessed then technology will one essential element that has always played a major role.

Technology in accounting has always played a key part in maintaining proper record of numbers, and solving different mathematical problems. Inventions like Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Madrid or calculators are few examples that played key part in making the task of accounting easier. While there were few delicate transformations in the field of accounting, starting from its initial days through the 1970s, but finally with the introduction of the computer and accounting software, things have drastically changed.

The introduction of computers has altered accounting in several ways. Previous to the introduction of computers accounting was totally dependent on records that were maintained on papers. Adding to this, there was a moderate procedure of conducting accounting duties that generally translated from one department to another within the company. However, with the introduction of computers and accounting applications, the setting of accounting has changed significantly. Emerging as a replacement for simple paper and pencil record, it has entirely redefined the day-to-day procedure of accounting.
Looking at the present context, computers and accounting application has in fact allowed accountants to make use of different electronic spreadsheets, which in turn has eliminated the requirement of adding machines, pencils, and calculators. In fact, today it has became much easier for accountants to maintain the proper track of information on a regular interval basis and even eliminate mistakes if any in less time. Ultimately, this has resulted in better accountability and efficiency.

Apart from this, the computer is also accountable for changing the orthodox picture of accounting. Earlier the field that was considered to be very task oriented has transformed into a career that is more different and flexible in working style. The conventional overview of the accounting profession needs a person who generally performs all day maintaining of records is now a history. These days, the modern accountant is more skilled with various accounting applications and use computer to perform the daily accounting task. This allows the accountant to execute its responsibilities within minutes that earlier took numerous hours to complete. No doubt, the computer has changed the accounting career.

Though there are some who are slightly upset that career openings or profiles of the past have been swapped by the usage of computers and software, others are amazed and appreciating the introduction of computers in accounting. Nevertheless, there is still much employment prospect as there was 30 years ago. All that we need is to prepare ourselves for every change that is bound to come our way at regular intervals.

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