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My review score is different then most and so are my reviews. So here is a detailed look behind the scenes.
I am not IGN or Gamespot, no 2 minute reviews here only details.
I cover videos games on ps4, xbox one, pc, steam, xbox 360, Wii, Wiiu, and NX as well as companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

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  1. where on earth did you get that reaper poster? 😀 Also,. I really enjoy your review style. Most reviewers now forget to explain the context of their opinion. Totalbiscuit worded it better than I can, but I feel your videos give me a better idea of what to buy, not based souly on your opinions but highlighting the practical value of elements within a game. Other reviewers fail in the same way that the most recent video game awards did, they do not explain why a game is receiving a award or rating. I find the point system for games AND movies to be kind of irrelevant..

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I have been contemplating starting a channel eventually in my free time. Your videos are always so insightful. As soon as I have the financial ability I plan to check out your patreon.

  3. Over the last year you have become my go-to channel for game reviews. Informative and entertaining (altough i have to focus sometimes as english isn't my native language). Keep up the good work!

  4. How did you get started with the channel? It seems to me like it would be extremely difficult to persuade a dev to give you a review copy of a game if you have 100 or so subscribers, and buying the games for yourself would be extremely expensive if you aren't getting any monetary compensation for your videos.

  5. Karak, somewhat new to your channel and thoroughly enjoying your back catalog and videos like these that get me up to speed on your process. How do you tackle the subjectivity of Fun Factor as it pertains to 1) hype and 2) expectations that result from hype? Personally I find being disappointed in a game is compounded by the hype that precedes it, especially when I'm particularly excited for the game. This is the number one reason why I've consciously dialed back my participation in preview videos, pre-launch marketing etc. How do you insulate Fun Factor from hype and disappointment when you're so entrenched in the industry and the culture?

  6. Maybe its just me, but graphics tend to have far too much emphasis on games now. Don't get me wrong graphics are important to help with immersion and theres definitely a minimum bar developers should aim for with graphics, but gameplay is more important IMO as that is what you are actually doing and interacting with. Biggest of all for me though is story, a bad story can ruin any game even if it has amazing graphics and awesome gameplay. I suppose all this is my long winded way of saying graphics, gameplay and story are all intricately intertwined and they all need the same level of care and attention paid to them.

  7. I was playing an average game during a dull moment and needed something in the background. I thought, "hey, this will do. If I don't like it, I'll just run it in the background because that's how YouTube pays Karak and I should support him."

    This ended up being one of the most enjoyable posts I've seen from you. I'm now proud to say that I am a patron. Please keep up your quality of content!

  8. I've been a gamer for over 35 years now, and without a doubt this is the best game reviews that I have seen. What I difference having someone who isn't tied in any way to the developers, as you only ever get a true review when it's your own money spent on the product. I really appreciate how you rate the games as when I speak to people and am asked how good a game is I don't say 88%, or 7.5/10, I would say wait for it in a sale rent it. Those rating make more sense to me. I just want to say it's a great channel, hope it goes from strength to strength and thanks for spending the time to help all of us.

  9. Great video karak, ty.
    At around 26:00 are u talking for example about 'homefront revolution' type dynamic games reviewers? Where they totally didnt play it thru. What lets me down the most is when any game either removes add-on co-op hoarde survival type modes or doesnt incorporate them or a meaningfull NG+, mad max was terribly underrated and it was awesome but the more u did – the less enemies there were .. Making it almost punishing to clear each zone. With the co-op its 'already there' except 4 the menu and designated arena points. E.G. Onslaught mode on BFBC2 was 1-4plr all vehicles vs endless army of bots = gold for replay value but they never added it again. Battlefront had survival but it was identical spawns and a measily 15 waves, it feels like "they want u off and onto the next game asap" – peace

  10. Hi there. Not really in a position to donate on patreon yet, but sent a one-off paypal donation. Cos you're great at your job, entertaining, and most importantly informative in respect of consumer choice. Was gratified that you addressed the 'rent' assessment of your review process – a question I've asked before on a youtube thread. I've also asked this – would be great if you could touch upon it sometime. What's your view on accessibility to games in relation to disability? I imagine it is something you do consider. I'm talking visual impairment, hearing too – mobility (think VR) and so on and also, I guess, representations of such might come into it, but largely I'm thinking access for people with disability. I don't see this issue addressed much in gaming reviews and I think you would be perfect to touch upon this. Cheers.


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