How Setting The Next Call of Duty in WW2 Changes The Series

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The next Call of Duty (2017, PC, PS4, Xbox One) will most likely be set in World War II. Does this return to form mean a dramatic change for the franchise?
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  1. Call of Duty needs to make a proper follow up to modern warfare where its not just sucking america's dick and it shows the historical record of how fucked up our empire has been in the Middle East. Real countries. Real politicians. Real events. DLC could show our exploits in S. America and Africa via CIA or special forces. Creating actual weight to the story that hasn't existed since MW and WAW

  2. cod changes setting and every one is hyped.
    cod throws away its game disign trump card so the game disign is even worse.
    cod is cod, they remake remakes and sell them as expensive dlc.
    one picture is released of the zombie mode and it already deserves prices???? wtf?.
    the community is…… fucking stupid…..
    BUT GOING BACK 2 ROOTS am i right cod idiots……

  3. I'm happy for CoD WW2, but when the fuck are we going to get Ghost 2, yet mp was meh, but i want ghost 2 for sp, to continue the story, see what happend to our character at the end, and how that guy is not dead.

  4. How is IW a really good game, sure sp is good, but have u tired muti on pc, rarely get into a game, even if i only tried it on free weekend, took almost 5 minutes to get one match, then i got d/c. Fuck IW. also have u seen the reviews on steam,

  5. i have not played a campaign since metal gear solid so i cold care less about what the war is, hell it doesnt even have to be a war since the multiplayer has nothing to do with a story line. Just give me a multiplayer like black ops 1 no fancy shit . thanks.

  6. I wish these war shooters would stay before the year 1950 for a long time. No more modern or future war games. Battlefield 1 is the most refreshing game in years.

  7. I think the new cod will sell no matter what they make, due to extremely loyal fanbase who buy it almost always. What I would and i think many others would probably agree with me, would want a game where we play as a german soldier from the victory days of poland and France, to the siege of Berlin and fall of the German reich. We have already played as the american hero, we have climbed the cliffs of point du hoch, we have stormed the beaches of normandy and island hopped in the pacific. We have already done so but even more important is that we have always been "the good guys" and "the winner".

    It would bring the series much needed breath of fresh air if they would potray the germans, instead of as the usual faceless enemy, but as people with dreams and feelings and personality of their own, no different from the americans we know. it would give the entire thing a very different perspective as you play in the desperate, bloody battles of stalingrad, Kursk and the Ardennes against overwhelming enemy until you are in the final battle of Berlin, where you and the few friends you have left, man the few barricades in the ruined city with children who were conscripted to hold the line in the final days. maybe split the game on the eastern front and western from and other ends in Berlin and the other ends a few kilometers west, where you surrender to Allies.

    Honestly I don't think they would have the balls to do any of this and even less so when it comes to potraying things like "no Russian" where you would play as a civilian police or a fireman, maybe even a child, during the fire bombing of Dresden, where you try to get out of the city, only to see the survivors get strafed by a p-41mustang, or as a guard in auschwitz who doesn't know but is encouraged to turn a valve which releases the gas in to a chamber and only thing you can do is hear screams from the other side of the wall. There is plenty of potential in the German campaign and plenty of things that could be utilised to make a interesting game and give the entire conflict a new perspective where the conflict is not a "battle between good and evil" but a war which has no definitive good or bad, only desperation of the people trying to survive it.

    sorry for the long post.

  8. I definitely agree with the alternating idea. We had all these WWII games years ago and then games got more modern and then more futuristic as game tech advanced. But I want to see what modern tech can do with the classic wars like WWII and especially Vietnam. BF1 was a scary concept when I first saw it, but they did a very good job balancing realism and gameplay. Although they really need to stop nerfing everything out of the blue…

  9. Anyone who has played Call of Duty 3 online would understand, but I think they should make something similar to that in scale or tip the scale towards Battlefield a little more (something between the current standard of 12 players and 64, maybe around 24 to 32). Throw in your kill streak rewards, but make sure that only kills directly caused by the player count, maybe rewards akin to MW2. The maps would need to be larger, but the killstreaks could be set up so that (depending on the type of killstreak) you would have to specify a path, or an area for it to take effect depending on what it is. Just a bit of a larger scale conflict than what we've seen traditionally, but not quite as large as Battlefield can get, just to distinguish itself.

  10. I'd like something modern, I enjoyed the first modern warfare game, but the other 2 games got too carried away with the kill streaks (speaking of the online portion obviously). The second and third had too much shit on the go, where I think it would have worked better on a bit of a larger scale. I enjoyed the first Black Ops as well because most of the killstreak rewards were reasonable, not too hard to counter, and it actually took getting kills yourself in order to get them as opposed to letting the reward get the kills for you and contribute to another one.

    Nothing is more frustrating then having a player who is already really good at the game, receiving more rewards that just help contribute to getting even more rewards, even if at that point the player doesn't have to do much else besides let the AI controlled killstreak do the work for them. At that point if you're well hidden somewhere on the map, you really don't have to do a whole lot.


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