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Fashion has a great power to play with human minds. Whether it is textile designing, accessory designing or jewelry designing, people are always fascinated by the beautiful products produced by them. But in addition to enthralling human minds with its magical spell, the fashion world is also considered as a lucrative career option by youngsters, as it promises remarkable growth, glamour and financial success.

In India, the fashion industry is soaring newer heights these days and at the same time, it is carving out its own position in the global market. So, to meet the growing demands of skilled resources in this sector, there are many fashion institutes in India that offer various fashion technology programs including Accessory and Jewelry Design. One can easily measure the popularity of these accessory and jewelry design courses from the passion of human beings for jewelries and rising use of accessories complementing contemporary fashion trends. In fact, job opportunities in accessory designing as well as jewelry designing have led to the establishment of certain fashion institutes that offer exclusive courses in this field.

What are the types of Accessory and Jewelry design courses available in India?

There are various types of diploma, certificate and advanced diploma courses that are being offered by jewellery and accessory designing institutes all over India. In some of the institutes, computer aided jewellery design courses are also being offered.

These courses are offered at diploma as well as certificate levels. If an aspirant is well-versed in CAD, he / she can easily apply for Accessory Design and Technology courses at postgraduate level too. Most of these courses are short duration courses.

What are the basic qualifications required for Accessory and Jewelry design courses?

Apart from meeting the basic eligibility criteria to get admission to accessory and jewelry design courses at undergraduate or postgraduate level, a student must have some inherent qualities for successfully completing the courses. All those creative personalities who aspire to be accessory or jewellery designers should have a strong eye for details and colors, passion for fashion and technology-friendly attitude.

What are the career prospects of an accessory or jewellery designer?

One of the most encouraging and profitable career moves in this field is to own a fashion house or a store. One can see both online and offline accessory studios coming up everyday. Even though only a few have been able to grow astonishingly in accessory lines, most of the successful accessory designers are able to earn decent income to lead a luxurious lifestyle.

What is the profile of an accessory designer?

An accessory designer is supposed to design and create various jewellery pieces and ornaments that are to be worn along trendy fashion apparel. The job of an accessory designer is not only to create beautiful pieces from metals like gold, silver or platinum but also to create hip and junky jewellery using different kinds of metals, plastic and fabric.

There is absolutely no restriction on the creativity of an accessory designer.

If an aspiring designer has a limited budget, that designer can even sell his / her designs. This way, all the profit is absorbed by the designer instead of sharing it with a middleman.

The beauty of this business is that in spite of your past experiences and educational background, you can be an accessory designer. All an aspirant needs to have is certain innate skills that complete him / her as a promising accessory designer. According to the preference, a designer can start living and working in a small town and start a business there or can sell designs online. If one has plans to live and work in a big city outside Indian like Los Angeles and New York, this business is a lucrative opportunity for him / her too.

One of the best parts of being an accessory designer is that one does not necessarily need a licence or a special degree. But what is important is to have a creative bent of mind and some natural skills. It is always better to have some basic qualification in designing as it helps them in enhancing their personal skills.

So, all those who are want to become a successful accessory or jewellery designer should start now.

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