How to Build a Mobile App Startup with No Technical Background?

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Every business is going digital. Developing a mobile application has become one of the most important marketing strategies for any business. All you require to build a mobile app is an idea and some capital. It isn’t necessary for you to be a techie for developing an app.

It is important to know how of the business you’re planning to start, technology can be considered as the ‘helping hand’, but the main element here is your idea (to start a business). Moreover, the entrepreneur has to be perfect in multiple-fronts. Believe me, for an entrepreneur, having knowledge of coding is secondary.


Read on to know how a non-techie can build and launch a mobile application

1. Decide what you want to do?

Know what the requirement of your company is. Either hire a team of app developersor an offshore app development company to get your app developed. If you ask me, I would rather suggest you to initially go with an idea of contracting an offshore leading android app development organization. The moment you feel your idea has hit the market, recruit an in-house developers.

It is beneficial to have an app developer for your company. This will let you develop any product of your own, whenever any idea comes into your mind.

2. Learn Coding

You can learn coding, anytime you feel like! It’s not too hard to be learned. Coaching for learning how to code is available online as well. You can refer any of the online available website to learn at least the basic version of creating an app.

3. Good content could be helpful
Start working to construct a blog of your own. Write good content for the blog. Also look for contributing your blogs for a guest post. Interesting content let you catch the eye balls of your target users, helps in a quick conversion of leads and assist you to acquire more CTR (Click Through Rates).

You can emphasize the promotion of your through paid promotions across the search engines like Google, etc., social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and by other means like posters and banners, etc. Make sure you acquire and maintain the goodwill.

4. App builder: A valuable tool

With know-how of the industry and available DIY device served by the industry, you can construct your own app without anyone’s support. Left alone the fact of taking help from someone, here you can build an app without knowing even the basics of coding. App builders like Como, Buildfire, etc. you can broaden you web parameter of visibility to a cell phone. Only drawback of an app builder is, you cannot customize you app, you would rather have to work with the available patterns.

5. Start from the grass-root level

Although you have invested a lot of capital for developing an app but you do not have a client base as bigger as your rival has. Lack of data and user-base indicates a product fail. However, innovative you’re start from the grass-root level, and then create a user base. According to John Gourville, A professor of Harvard Business School, A new product has a bigger chance to grow exponentially in the market than the already existing players.Therefore, develop some stand out features in your app, and do not let anything squash your business aspirations.

These points are essential if you want to develop your own application. However, there won’t be any harm to hire iPhone or Android app developers, if you want to develop an exceptional and well customized application.

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