How to Bypass Galaxy S5 Lock Screen Password

Bypass Galaxy S5

How to Bypass Galaxy S5 Lock Screen Password

The most safe and secure way to prevent any stranger keep from accessing your Samsung Galaxy S5 is to put a lock screen password on it. Whether you put a text password or a pattern lock or you can even put fingerprint lock with the latest technology but you should have some sort of security installed on your smartphone to maintain the privacy of it. Without entering the correct pass code, no one will be able to access any file stored on your Galaxy S5. So, even if your smartphone get stolen, the thief won’t be able to retrieve any file from it.

But it happens quite often when you forget the passcode or pattern or password of your own Galaxy S5 and thus, locking yourself out from it. Now, you may try and retry with new passwords but your smartphone will lock you out for hours before you can try again. So, it can get really ugly and you will put yourself in a problematic situation. But also, without entering the correct passcode, you won’t be able to access any files or documents on your smartphone and even if you connect your phone with PC, it won’t show anything. So, here are couple of solutions to bypass Samsung Galaxy S5 lock screen password and you can even try it with other Android smartphones to bypass the lock screen.

Part 1. Bypass Galaxy S5 Lock Screen Password by logging into Google Account

If you are using the in-built lock screen password provided by your phone then you can bypass the lock screen by logging into your Google account. Here’s how to do that –

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Step 1. Keep entering the wrong password unless you can see the “Forgot password” option on the screen.

Step 2. Tap on “Forgot Password” and you smartphone will allow you to either enter the backup code or use your Gmail account credentials to verify the phone is yours.

How to Bypass Galaxy S5 Lock Screen Password

Step 3. As soon you successfully login to your account, the lock screen password will disappear automatically and you should be able to access your phone.

Cons –

  • Only works if you have setup your Google account as a backup option.
  • It doesn’t work with third party lock screen applications.
  • Entering wrong credentials will lock you out forever.

Part 2. Bypass Galaxy S5 Lock Screen with Android Lock Screen Removal Software

Not everyone setup Google account as their backup options and if that is the case with you as well then the only way to bypass the lock screen password is to use a third party software.

Android Lock Screen Removal is very smart program to rescue people from situations like this. It is an ultimate app to completely bypass lock screen password from any Android smartphone including Samsung Galaxy S5 and hence, making your smartphone from worthless to a normal high class phone again. It gives the capability to remove any kind of screen lock such as passwords, PIN codes, pattern lock or fingerprints. The software is developed very intelligently so that even novice users can remove the lock screen password from their smartphones without any technical skills. In addition, it is certain that zero files will be deleted from your smartphone and it

is currently supported in almost every Android smartphone brands such as Samsung, LG, Asus, Motorola, Vivo, etc. and even works with Android Version 6.X, Marshmallow phones.

Steps involved to bypass Samsung Galaxy S5 Lock Screen Password –

Step1. Download, install and run the program on your PC.

Firstly, you need to download and install the software on your computer. The installation course is pretty basic and after installation, simply finish the setup to launch the program on your PC.

Step 2. Connect Galaxy S5 to PC and enter into Download mode.

Next, establish a connection between your Galaxy S5 and PC using a USB data cable and turn on your smartphone into download mode by pressing Home + Power + Volume Down button simultaneously. This should do the trick and the software will automatically detect your smartphone when it enters into download mode.

Step 3. Download the Recovery Package files and remove the lock screen password.

As soon your phone enters into download mode, the software will automatically effort to download the necessary recovery files and install them on your phone. Again, it is assured that nothing will be deleted from your smartphone, so do not worry about that.

When the downloading is done, the program will remove the password from your Galaxy S5 and you can restart your smartphone and it should let you access it normally now.


In this guide, we showed you a conclusive prove that you can bypass Galaxy S5 lock screen password even if you totally forget it using Android Lock Screen Removal. But, it is recommended to setup a new password again on your phone to keep it away from strangers accessing it without your authority. And even if you forget your smartphones password, you can always use Android Lock Screen Removal to completely remove the lock screen password from your Android smartphone.

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