How To Download Music To Your PSP

More and more people want to download music to their PSP game console.

The Sony PSP was not originally made to play music. It was designed to be a mobile 3D-game engine – just like the game boy was before for the 2D-game world.

However, very often it occurs that those little technical gadgets get used for other things than what they were originally designed for. Actually the PSP is very capable of playing movies and music as well. The sound quality is fantastic.

While it is not common that songs are being sold on UMD (the PSP media format) you can easily take MP3-songs that you already have on your hard drive and copy them to the PSP. In case you want to transfer audio CDs to the PSP you first need to convert the music from the CD to files on your computer and then transfer these to the PSP.

Here is what you need: a PSP-memory card large enough to store the music files, a USB cable to connect the PSP to your computer and a CD ripping software in case you want to convetr your existing audio CD collection to the PSP.

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There is also software available to will do everything all at once: This means extracting the music from your CDs, converting them into the PSP format and then transfer them to the PSP. Some of these programs are also capable of compiling a music library on your PC and remember which songs have been transferred to your PSP so you will not store anything twice.

In case you use one of these pieces of software you only have to make sure that your PSP is connected to the PC and then fire up the program and hit the 'synchronize'-button.

The advantage when your download music to the PSP [] is that the PSP does not use a proprietary format like the iTunes software does when connecting to the iPod. So while the PSP is certainly not a full-blown music player it is definitely a game console that got into the groove of MP3 tunes.

Source by John Stason

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