How to Fresh Start on KODI – This is just one VERY EASY way

A Simple Click Really Helps

How to Fresh Start on KODI

So firstly why would you want to clear everything you currently have set up on KODI, well you dont HAVE to fresh start if you dont want to. If an update comes out for a build but yours is still working just fine then leave it, eveything will still work. Normally when you update a build, or one comes out, its for user interface changes or the fact that new addons have been added to the build, but I will say again, if yours is working just fine you dont have to update it. BUT – If you want to update then this is where I will show you how to fresh start on to fresh start on kodi

The reason you would want to Fresh start is to ensure you have minimal issues when installing a new build. TOP TIP: If you only have Video addons installed on your Device, then you can simple install a build on top of that, and it will all be fine, you shouldn’t** get any errors at all. This fresh start process is used when you want to wipe/lose everything to carry out a fresh install.


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