How to Install KODI ios 10 from appstore

A Simple Click Really Helps

How to Install KODI ios 10 from app store before it’s deleted, for free

Instructions (change language & turn off VR mode):
Step 1: Open the app, tap the third button on the menu (far right)
Step 2:Tap 1st menu button, then the 2nd menu button and you’ll see it says Chinese (Simple), change this to English.
Step 3:Now go to Settings, Video Output, and tap Stereoscopic 3D mode and set it to Disabled.
Step 4:Add your addons of choice and enjoy!

If someone knows how to add repo, leave a comment below, because I’m trying in different ways to add, and without success so far



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  1. This worked well. However now i am trying to install through file manager aries addon with not luck. it will not give the option to type in the web address. Can you make a video on how to instal that or fussion?


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