How To Install Kodi (New) and Addons

This is a simple video tutorial on how to install Kodi on your Android TV box, along with a bunch of great addons. This is a very simple process that will require 10min of time.

To download a copy of Kodi, please visit or


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  1. Hello, I have an MXQ Pro 4k, with kodi 16.1 on it. It runs great most the time but at least once every other day I will be scrolling through my add ons and my box will go to a black screen (no device on tv) but the box will remain on and to get it back on I have to unplug it and reboot, any idea what i should do? I just got the box off ebay.

  2. Hi! I need some help! I'd like to know if I could use it for programs for .doc and .pdf files? For example, to download Word or Foxit from play store (if it can be done), and use it with wireless mouse and keyboard over TV. I don't have enough of room for desktop computer, and besides multimedia, I'd use it just for Word and Foxit from time to time.Please, be gentle to me for couple of reasons:1. I'm just a woman2. I've never seen that in live! 😀 Thank you in advance!

  3. I already had the latest version but on a Nexbox A95X. Can't seem to figure out how to go to TV channels. Just got the box and trying to figure things out but would love to know how to find and watch TV shows and hockey

  4. brilliant its worked. thankyou. although instead of donloading onto sd card i just went into internet on a droid box downloaded kodi and it went straight to files. just saved a few minutes. but thanks so much. and so simply tutured. cheers

  5. i have an MXIII and it works great. The only issue I have is with playback of my digital copies via the Google Movies app. I get sound but no picture. Not a big deal as I can access these movies through Kodi or my physical copies. I just find it funny that the paid for digital copies won't play… Any ideas?

  6. just got a new box and it won't let me connect to my home wifi. keeps telling me that it's wrong, but i have checked it several times and know that it's right. any suggestions?

  7. Hi Justin. I just watched your video about doing clean install of kodi and when I did it I got as far as the config wizard. Screen said downloading then came error message config wizard error. I have tried again several times can you help. \\cheers

  8. Hi Android TV Boxes Canada if I have some of the addons on the current kodi app can I still do the full addons from the steps you showed from your video? Or do I have to delete kodi and reinstall it again? thanks in advance…

  9. Hi ..thanks for the info, I'm having a problem with the current kodi 16.1 I have just downloaded, done everything you have in ur video, when I first started Kodi it went through its 1st run cycle, problem I have is it comes up with slide up to exit full screen and it just keeps on crashing on that message…have turned off the box for a few mins and still doing the same thing…..Any idea's??…Ohh forgot to say I have a mxq box

  10. Great video, thanks. I'm having an issue with my M8 box not recognizing the ethernet connection. It was working fine, then I unplugged my ethernet connection (BPL) and when I plugged it back in, the box would not recognize it. I've double checked the ethernet connection and it works fine (plugged it into my laptop). I can connect over wifi, but can't get the ethernet to work. Any suggestions?


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