How to install KODI on iPhone running iOS 9 – 10.3

Install KODI open your iPhone - GO GO GO

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How to install KODI on iPhone

First of all YES it can be done, its quite a simple process and only requires 2 applications to be installed on your iOS device, NO you do not need to be Jailbroken and you CAN do it without a computer too. So How to install KODI on iPhone 

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how to install kodi on iphone

Step 1 Install  PlayGlass

Step 2 Install KODI Remote

You will need to authorise the use of PlayGlass by going in to settings, general and profile and device management and “Trusting” the developers certificate. BIG kudos goes to Dino Zambas for this, please check out his channel right here

Then follows this video – Any questions please ask.




VIAKudos to Dino

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