How to install kodi on the Amazon Fire stick or TV – No Computer needed – October 2016

A short instructional video on how to install Kodi on a fire stick. I used the app ES File Explorer which is free to download to your firestick. It takes less than 10 minutes and is no difficult to achieve so no need to pay for a preinstalled fire stick.

Kodi website address

Thanks for all the subscriptions and support.

I am not associated with kodi or any of its developers including third party.


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  1. Help, Ive got to the ES File Explorer, amazon s asking me for billing address? but i already have a billing address associated with my account – it wont let me download the file.

  2. Very useful and easy to follow. Thank you. Just interested why, when I got to the download bit, mine downloaded from a different site than yours. Mine came from a .de site. German? Does it make any difference?

  3. Hi. Thank you spook much for your help so far. I have a wee problem. I follow the instructions right up to 6.09 minutes in when it doesn't give me the option to download. Can you help. Joan x

  4. I just got the newly released fire stick (10/20) and followed your instructions which installed Kodi. Forgive my ignorance but what next? When I scroll to programs it asks me for android apps and program add ons which is where i get lost. Is it because it is the NEW fire stick? What is supposed to happen?? (new to this whole way of watching tv)
    Also, i have 2 other Kodi that didn't work on my favorites. How do I delete those?

  5. Very new to Kodi, a friend installed fTV for me on my kindle firestick but not able to get hold of him so wonder if you can help. Two questions.

    On each sub-menu there is an opportunity to perform an Action. Do you use that only when you do not have any sub-menus?

    How do you set up categories ie as in the Kindle Firestick so that against each main menu item you can display multiple lines? I have tried adding sub menu items but that does not seem to help

    Your help much appreciated



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