A lot of people are having issues downloading the builds through TDB wizard currently so i have made this video to help you all out with the backup method of installing


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  1. Just downloaded the latest Ultra TT build as of 10 Sept '16 and find that the updated version of Super Favorites will not install. I had with an earlier Ultra TT version also attempted to get the updated Super Favorites by installing the Spoyser's Repo and also found that I could not access the link. However, in that instance, I could install an earlier version of Super Favorites. This version is apparently not accessible from the latest Ultra TT download, with the result that I cannot enable Super Favorites from this build. Any suggestions?

  2. i am still having trouble as when I wanna install ultra its comes up with just 6 boxes instead of text it shows the text but it disappears quick and replaces with boxes any ideas ? when I click on the ultra build it errors out ev ery time done a factory re set the lot no joy

  3. I cannot get it to work on Firestick. The main server does not have the TT builds, the three backup servers do but will give a error load message on all Firestick loads.

  4. mine keeps asking if i want to keep some kind of settings i.e (rd and 2 other things) and no matter if i click to keep them or click delete them it wipes everything and only leaves the wizard

  5. Hi TT trying to install your build and I get to the downloading the latest build pop up. It goes from 0-100% in about 3 seconds then says there was an error please check log. I have tried it on all servers with the same issue. Any ideas? Cheers

  6. Installed ultra tt!! Brilliant build apart from I can't get music to work at all!! Every time I click on any music addon it crashes and I have to restart my PC!! Any ideas as to why this is happening and what I can do to solve it!! Need my music PLEASE HELP!! Thanks in advance.

  7. is it possible to choose the link for selected content? after finding sources, it automatically plays. sometimes it is not ideal when it is subtitle encoded videos. thx for your hard work. and one more thing, if i change the language setting to chinese, korean, or japanese for example, will it affect the build? (can i even change language setting in that build?)

  8. sadly doesn't work on my firestick, not sure why. tried fresh install of everything and the installer says wiping install then it jumps to 100% after like 2 seconds and then tells me error.

  9. Dude great build!!! However, Ive notice an issue with it when movie is choosing a site. Most times its not a problem but I got stuck on OPENLOAD.CO. it won't open and gives you these damn pigeons to look at. Most time if I re-choose the movie it will by pass but I'm getting stuck on it more and more……thanks

  10. Listen theres a problem with Sportsdevil after installing Ultra TT. You also cannot seem to uninstall it and try reinstalling it with the latest update to fix the problem either. IDK if its because of the widget or what? How do I remove it from the tab so I can reinstall it?


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