How to Make a Movie Using Your Computer

A Simple Click Really Helps

Are you like most people who have a great video camera but do not do enough with it? This month's project may turn you into the next Spielberg – making your own home movie. Better still, you can be your own home computer support and media expert.

It's not hard, either. You can do this on a phone! You can use old files, tapes, or create your own epic. Be warned. When you start to like using a camera, there's no known cure. You may be having a ball for the rest of your life.

On a Mac

Mac users never shut up about how great their Macs are. In this case they're right. It really is that easy to create undeniably great stuff on a Mac, and if you're a true Mac fan, you'll be busy for years with new home movie projects.

IMovie is part of iLife09 which ships with new Macs and it can guide you through the whole process. It's almost effortless. Start looking for somewhere to put the Cannes Palm D'Or, because you may need it. IMovie is a quality platform, and it can prove it.

On a PC

Windows Vista (Home Premium and Ultimate) and Windows XP Both have a program called Windows Movie Maker. Windows 7 has Windows Live Movie Maker. These are good, basic and reliable movie making tools for anyone from the home movie fan to the truly creative person, and you can do a lot of your basic editing very easily.

They're also particularly valuable for working with effects, and of course you have the copy options to provide you with an original as well as your edits.

For Windows XP instructions visit


For Windows Vista instructions visit


There are step by step introductions, and a look at what the Windows Moviemaker can do. There are quite a few standard movie features, and they're all useful.

Source by Philip Black


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