How To Master Kodi 2016 Tutorial #3 (Create A Kodi Profile)

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How To Master Kodi 2016 Tutorial #3 walk through Step By Step How To Create A Kodi Profile!

How To Master Kodi Tutorial #1:

How To Master Kodi Tutorial #2:

In this Kodi Tutorial, I show you How To Master Kodi by creating more than one Kodi Profile. If you plan to use Kodi a lot then you want to Learn Kodi as much as possible. It is super Easy to Master Kodi if you take your time and play around with it. When you are new to Kodi and you get all of your Kodi Addons setup just the way you like them and everything is working, you might not want to risk messing around with Kodi Settings and different options. You might be afraid that you will screw up what you worked so hard to put together. To avoid that issue, you can Create A Kodi Profile.

When you Create Kodi Profiles, you can even add a profile picture and a password. Kodi Profiles are good for test accounts, guest accounts and kid accounts. No matter what Kodi Device you’re using including the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can Create Kodi Profiles!

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  1. thank girl you have been so helpful, I'm still trying to understand it all but I do have some channels. the gobble didn't work for some reason but it did down load. I will take my time and watch all the videos to learn more.


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