How to Stop Buffering and Clean your Cache on Kodi – OCTOBER 2016 – A Step by Step Tutorial

A Simple Click Really Helps

This is short tutorial video on using the maintenance sections on ares wizard and TDB or Echo wizard to tackle buffering issues and also keeping your cache under control.

If you are experiencing buffering on kodi then this could be the video for you.

How to install the Ares Wizard -

How to install the TDB or Echo wizard -

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to educate this neophyte XMBC (Kodi) user. I'm always learning something new and its very exciting.. I cut the cord 3 months ago and I'm never going back…. Cheers

  2. i really like your video . simple and straight to the point. please next time dont smucker on a candy when your doing a voice tutorial.. drove me NUTS!! Besides that.. keep up the good work.

    what Ares build do u recommend for a very slow older android box. looking for something with not so many addons and runs faster


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