HP Omen 17 2016 Review

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In this video I have a look at the 2016 HP Omen 17. A giant gaming laptop with very low pricing. But do specs alone make a product great? Subscribe: https://goo.gl/mvLybv
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Welcome to Unicorn Reviews, a channel where I review electronics and hardware with a strong focus on computer parts.
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  1. first you say low pricing then you say it's expensive. Then u review a 17inch laptop then you say it's too big xDD You complain the performance gets down when unplugged, hello, do tell me a gaming laptop that has a 100% performance unplugged?
    You say it's hot, ever tried the Rog? Even the dell? these are hot, the omen is a breeze compaired to them. honestly, you reviewed something you know shit about.
    So, don't get surprised when u got so many dislikes.

  2. Seriously? no wonder you're three years going and still has shit subscribers. Seriously buying the biggest size then talk about the size, I am amazed did you know there is a 15 inch version. Go watch some other reviews this dudes a joke. Cooling system is fine I've played bf1 for hours with Max settings, holy shit you are a total joke. And yeah you should delete this post or block me, atleast people are smart enought to not sub to you. I ran the charger with Bf1 with maxxed settings for as long as I wanted, the battery stayed full. Jesus Christ you are not a reviewer you are just a hater 🙂 we don't need opinions from haters.

  3. Bij mij krijg ik de laptop wel open met één vinger. En trouwens het is gewoon overduidelijk dat je een kaas ben ;-D
    Ik heb de pavillion die je in de video liet zien en die is wel een stuk beter met koeling en de batterijduur ook.


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