HP Photosmart C6380 All-in-one Printer – Comes with remarkable trio features

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Once, People use to hang out in a photo shop for doing their needed paperwork. Now it’s rare to see people standing in front of the photo shop due to the advent of home printers.

One of HP’s latest inkjet printers is unleashed to hit the home segment — Photosmart C6380, a multi-functional printer which do all kinds of printing work in an instant way. It can scan and copy along with the regular printing activities. It’s wise for an individual to eye on the particular printer that consumes less power. And the Photosmart C6380 is the perfect choice for people who are keen over less power consumption, since the latest technology used in this printer consumes 6.6 watts in standby mode.  

Another major feature that an individual should never get compromised, is the utilization of ink cartridges. Usually most of the printers intakes many ink cartridges on a monthly basis. So, it’s wise to go for HP Photosmart C6380, since it is applauded for its exclusive ink cartridge capacity. The onscreen menus are easy to navigate, and at the top corner of the home screen there is a small graphical display of a cartridge that alerts the users when it’s time to buy more ink. Moreover, this printer offers plenty of connectivity options that support networking with many electronic gadgets.

On the negative part, the absence of a LCD screen and a PictBridge port gives little disappointment for the consumers, even though it satisfies the three primary aspects — Compatibility, less power consumption and less ink cartridge consumption.

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