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  1. #GIVEAWAYHOUSE Please Pick Me my setup just broke… because of a electricity accident :/ so my gpu cpu mainbord and my monnitor are broken of that and i don't have that much money for a new setup and i really wish to win it so pls pick me for the win. I would be the happiest man in the world 🙂

  2. OMG this is amazing I never had anything like this I can't believe this is real I always wanted a set up so may I plzz win this giveaway. I always wanted to make YouTube videos and someday I can be like u n I really want to follow my dream I followed all the steps I followed u on twitter, I always had on post notifications, I like the videos and I comment on the videos. so Plzzzz can I have it to follow my dream.

  3. I have been on your channel for so long and never won any items… I subbed both your channel followed on your Twitter as. well…. Please Giveaway house I really need this gaming pc setup… I want start earning money for my studies with a gaming channel …so please select me Giveaway House… please.

  4. Yo giveaway house this is amazing looks beautiful and I would be out of this world no joke I would jump on my roof I love it I rly want it I have never one good luck all and have a nice day

  5. Hi!I have written to you in three videos.I want to be a new Youtuber but I have an old pc that it can't play programs and I can't make animations,edit videos and play games.So plzzzzzz😫🤗🤤😘

  6. OMG Please let me win this one i dont have a gaming pc and i want to start gaming but i dot have money to buy one and i probably never will pls pls.I watch ur vids for a ling time now and i never won anything.Have a great day.


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