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All I do here is giveaways
If you are interested in entering a giveaway here are the steps

1.Like the video
3.Comment what you want to see in the future giveaways

Logitech G502 Mouse
Logitech G410 Keyboard
Logitech G633 Headset
Corsair Extended Mouse Pad
Rode NT-USB Microphone
RODE PSA1 Boom Arm
Teufel Concept C Speaker System
Samsung 27” Curved Monitor
LG 34” Ultra Wide Monitor

It is up to the winner to contact me through Private message on YouTube within 24 hours of the video being uploaded
All items will be purchased after the random winner has contacted me through private message (no other forms of contact count)
I do not own these videos all credit to the owner
Winner of previous giveaway will be pinned in the comment section so you know they are real!



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  1. Hey This is Tejash from India
    I want to tell you that my father have died and I have no way to buy PC because a loss of money and I am not saying to give me this PC only please give me any older PC . I am not able to tell my mom to buy a PC and I want to computer subject in +2 . So I need a PC . If you want any proof contact me at 963172080


  2. Plz give a microphone to me. . . Plz Plz Plz. . . If you give a microphone then I will feature about you channel in my video. . So that you will get more subs. . . Thank you. . . πŸ˜‰

  3. plz pick me I never win a giveaway and I don't have the money to buy a pc and I love gaming put the money problem I swear to God that I have now the hp Compaq he can't runs even the flash games plz pick me

  4. (Read All of this)hi i would like to win cause i dont have a gaming laptop/desktop and im really jelous of my friends cause the all have really good laptops and i actully never won a giveaway before and i would also like it cause my birthday is also coming up soon and my parents cant afford any of this for my birthday i want to play Call of duty infinitewarfare and other Power Hungry Games i also want it cause i want to edit youtube videos with sony vegas and my current pc takes forever to render i subbed and liked also if i get that laptop ill try to sponser you in our videos:) thanks πŸ™‚ also i got nothing for christmas other then clothes :.( good luck to everyone else


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