I want to steal 6 of you allotted 140 characters on Twitter

Just say thanks!

I want to steal 6 of you allotted 140 characters on Twitter

Yes you read it right I literally want to steal 6 of those 140 characters. I am not going insane here, although I am slightly weak on current powers due to a night on the pop, but that was worth it and a story for another day.

Now we love our community, like really love, I know you and I both feel the same. The effort put in to development for addons or builds is truly insane. I challenge you to try and make something for the community with no prior knowledge in a short space of time. You will run in to so many issues and require help via on line forums, other developers etc.

My whole point of this is that, we forget something, something so important that is so very rally used. Yes you may have guessed it, appricaiation. I have created content on lots of builds, addons over the past few months on youtube these are complete comprehensive tutorials that you can either use, or not use, I always give kudos where kudos is due, hey even if I don’t actually like the look of a build I know that another user will love it, hence why I always still completely impartial and I reiterate this and try not to engage in pretend life arguments when real life is always way more important. My my whole stealing 6 or your 140 characters is just to say THANKS – literally a quick thanks to a developer will motivate them to create better content and builds. Trust me you will reap the benefits if the developers feel appricaited.

The following video was created to show the awesome work of 2 indiviuaduals Smash  and KodiApps.

Have a watch first and you will see what I mean.

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