Inside Apple’s New MacBook Pro TouchBar (and Touch ID!)

A Simple Click Really Helps

We just toredown the brand new 13” MacBook Pro with Touchbar, and while it only scored a 1 out of 10 on our repairability scale, it did have some interesting new technology. So, we sat down with Scott, one of our teardown engineers, to get a little more detail about how hard the new MacBook Pro was to disassemble, find out the secrets of the new Touch ID and get a closer look at that new Touchbar.

We thought we’d have to wait longer for the 15” MacBook Pro with Touchbar to show up, but it arrived just after we finished filming!

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  1. The profit margin on these macbooks must be huge!!!! I mean the logic board has almost as much surface area as a cell phones logic board.. only we pay 2400 for the mac and 600 for the phone..

  2. How about options? I like Cherry MX switches and would not use the touch bar. This is like forcing me to pay extra for a convertible when I never plan on putting the top down. I need mobility and a quad-core, however.

  3. So the touchbar is significantly worse implementation of a touchscreen laptop… I have a 3 year old Acer S7, and have a huge touch bar plastered over the main display…. its pretty cool having 20x more touch interaction real estate than the new MacBook, and I don't have to look away from my content to interact with it….. its amazing 🙂

  4. I'd be more excited about the touch bar if it didn't replace the function keys
    i use them a lot, and without looking so with them being in the touch bar it is a huge inconvenience
    if it were above it, I'd consider more buying the new macbook pro (tho I still wouldn't coz I still think it's shit)


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