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Install Encore for KODI

So you have heard that the latest update to Encore is out and you want to install it. Well dont worry I will show you how to do this, as long as you follow my easy steps you will have no issues. So whats all the hype about this build, is it any good, even worthing downloading, well personally 100% yes it is, for a few reasons too. A build that has been updated as we well know will bring you the very latest most stable addons currently available, this will ensure you have the very best chance of watching all that content you love with hardly any issues. So thats why I like to show you this install encore for kodi guide,  I will just big up Freedom IPTV too (Installed on Encore) WOW that add-on is dam insane, so quick and, well it just works. The very first thing I noticed on Encore was how fast eveything loaded, now I urge users to leave the build after first installation for a few minutes, but with this it loaded including all riding near instant, and trust me if you are a follower of my videos you will know that my internet is shocking out here, so certainly nothing to do with that, this country hasnt even heard of Fibre optic!!

So before we Install Encore for KODI here are some sexy screenshots of the new build, as you can see it has been completely overhauled on design and personally I am loving it!

Install Encore for KODI Install Encore for KODI Install Encore for KODI Install Encore for KODI

Right lets get to the process of installation remember its easy if you follow the steps below and in the video, people ask me questions on this and all the answers are usually described and shown on my video, hey ask away still, I dont mind 🙂

    • You will need to signup first for this one. Register
    • Open Kodi > Select SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > Select None.
    • Enter the following > http://thebeastkodi.com/repo and select Done.
    • Highlight the box underneath > enter a name for this media Source > type BEAST and select OK.
    • Go back to your Home Screen > SYSTEM > Add-Ons.
    • Select Install from zip file > BEAST > Download this wizard.zip
    • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
    • If you verified your email go to System / Settings / Add ons / My Addons / Program Addons / The Beast Wizard / and click on the configure tab > then enter your info from the signup.
    • The Wizard can now be opened. Select your build. Let it download.
    • Kodi needs to be closed. Select OK > Kodi needs to be rebooted.
    • On reboot wait for all addons to update.
    • Congratulations, Encore Build is now installed and ready to use.

Or if you fancy watching a video on How exactly to install encore for kodi


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