Install The Latest BEAST – Plus Full review and Verification Process

Some people say I am biased over the BEAST, well I have my reasons, and here are a few.

Install The Latest BEAST



Here we have the very latest update of the Beast – one of the most talked about builds within the KODI community, some of you will love this other will just hate for the sake of hating, but you have to remember that whoever creates any build is doing so for the users like me and you, and you have to appreciate the time and effort taken in to creating these. This does include the Video addons that compliment the builds too.

This latest update, December 9th is looking sweet! It really has everything added to it that you could possibly ever needs, its certainly not overloaded with addons that may sometimes work, its loaded with addons that simply DO work, and its good to see the Evolve team having their very own section now too! So you want to Install The Latest BEAST or simply update it, I certainly recommend carrying out a fresh start | Don’t worry I haver already created a whole post on that for you, accompanied by a video too that can be found at the address below:

How to Fresh Start on KODI – This is just one VERY EASY way

So if you want a quality build that is fully supported and have a fantastic forum base, then this is your build. Lets go and  Install The Latest BEAST.

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PS if you require a full install guide on how to get KODI on a Firestick, then I have created one for you right here.

Ebook / PDF for KODI

install the latest beast

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