Intel Kaby Lake I5-7600K Benchmarks & Reviews Leak | Overclocks to 5.1Ghz

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Intel’s new Kaby Lake I5 7600K on the 200 series unionpoint motherboards will be able to outperform the older skylake I5 6600K by a little under 10 percent, mostly thanks to the higher clock speeds of Kaby Lake it appears judging from these latest leaks.

Sources of the Intel I5 7600K review and overclocking results are below:

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  1. i kinda want to replace 2500k system i built in 2011 for new stuff like NVME and usb-C, but it is really hard to justify 30-40% increase (not even in all apps) for the money it takes to buy whole new i5 set (mobo ram and cpu). I hoped for 7600k yet years pass by, and Intel still doesn't make any awesome cpus like it did in 2011.

  2. Are you running this on a i5 200, looks very fake, why all the mumbling? Just run some tests on it, why the game play? Please stop making video's as this vague madness, run real tests!

    This is a low entry i5 with iris on board, most of the die is used by the Iris GPU, not a good choice if you ad an GPU, X99 is still a better choice now for gamers now!

  3. Cannon Lake will be 6 core on mainstream parts.  The 7600k is essentially just the new version of the 4790k (vs the 4770k).  Only people that can not wait should invest in this platform.  If you have Ivybridge/Haswell wait for Cannonlake.  Also wait to see what Zen provides (wouldn't hold my breath there though).

  4. The ipc gain seems almost nonexistent, so unless they improved maximum potential clockspeeds, which I also kind of doubt, they are just releasing skylake again!

    The most it seems you can say is they are better binned skylakes. That's pretty pathetic really, but not all too surprising.

    I might just have to wait on cannonlake to upgrade.

  5. I do want to mention real quick that the iGPU can still be important to know about if you can still use it as a dedicated chip to transcode (like being able to record gameplay with a HEVC codec or something)


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