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There has been a lot of debate of late about the credibility of many of the Internet TV sites that have started popping up on the Internet & claim to give total access to TV channels on the Internet. This article tries to find out more about such websites & the alternatives to them.

Just like in most other fields, online or in real-life, there is a balance between the good ones & the bad ones. Again, just like you would choose the good ones in real-life after careful research, you would essentially have to do the same in the case of the Internet TV sites as well. First of all, before trying to differentiate between the good ones & the bad ones, we will first try and find out the various options that we have got. Doing a Google search for “Internet TV” will provide you with the following websites:- – This is probably one of the oldest websites available & just like most of the old websites, provides a good number of channels though with not-so-good video quality. – This website is also very similar to in comparison to the kind of Internet TV channels offered. Though the content quality is slightly better, the number of channels is not many. – This Internet TV site is also pretty similar to the ones listed above except for the fact that most of the channels shown are normally not the ones that you would want to see. You won’t have access to channels like ESPN, Discovery Channel etc. since these are private channels & have copyright protection & require payment. – This is probably one of the most popular free Internet TV services on the Internet but has a serious limitation in that it is restricted to viewers only from the United States. The video quality in this Internet TV site, however, is really commendable & is recommended for TV shows or other small programs that you may have missed. It is not good for live streaming of content like what you see on your actual Television.

So, what would you do if you want to have access to an Internet TV site wherein you want to see live streaming of channels? This leads us to the last option that you have got & that is the paid Internet TV sites. You can check out an exclusive review of some of the best paid Internet TV sites in my blog. This is where the scam factor comes in & where most people get cheated. You may also want to check out one of my previous articles on why it is the right time to switch to watching Internet TV at I hope that this article helped you in making the right choice for watching TV on the Internet.

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