Ipad Testers – How To Get A Free Ipad By Apple

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Want to be a Tester? Get Your Free Ipad Here

The apple ipad has created a lot of buzz in the marketplace of people looking for the latest gizmo or gadget. There is certaintly a lot of marketing, emails, TV promos and much more on the new ipad ever since Apple released it to the general public.  There is a problem though as the the ipad has not been released yet for purchase.

However there are many web sites out there that claim you can get your own free ipad by entering in your zip code, email address, and shipping information.  Some sites may even claim that you can get your ipad by being a tester.  Try it out and then keep the Apple ipad for free.  Can you really trust these sites?

Well you can see all the details about getting a free Ipad below and see for youself.

Click Here to Get the Apple Ipad Free

So what do you really have to do in order to get your ipad? Well there has to be a catch on this as all good things that sound too good to be true probably are.

We looked into this offer above and it is actually true that you can get the Apple ipad free but for being a tester?  In conclusion, you simply sign up by registering at the site and then have to complete some offers, surveys, etc.  Then you can qualify for the ipad but not by being a ipad tester.  So it is free, but not 100%.

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