iPhone 7 Plus Review: Get This One

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For three generations Apple has released a “Plus” version of its iconic iPhone, and the iPhone 7 Plus lives up to that supersized subtitle better than ever. With an upgraded display, camera and battery, this is the new iPhone you should buy … if you’ve got the hands (and the wallet) for it.


MrMobile’s iPhone 7 Plus Review was published after nine days with a retail iPhone 7 Plus handset (256GB, Black) purchased from Apple and used on T-Mobile US in New York City, Newport RI, and Greater Boston, MA. The device was paired to an Apple Watch Series 2 for the duration of testing and received one software update during the review process.


Apple iPhone 7 in Black

Apple iPhone 7 Plus in Black

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iMore’s deep dive on the iPhone 7 Plus camera was very helpful during the preparation of this review. Learn more here: http://www.imore.com/iphone-7-plus-telephoto-wont-shoot-low-light-situations


“The Ballad of MrMobile.” Mobile Nations, 2016

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  1. Do you have another 7plus to compare it with? I currently have a Rose Gold I got on October and a Black I received 2 days ago and the Rose Gold is definitely cooler and the Black is very warm.. A trip and an appointment to an Apple store didn't help.. guy said it was 'normal'

  2. PEOPLE! LISTEN AND LEARN!!! IPHONE SECURITY IS THE FIRST TO CONSIDER!!! NOT how nice or heavy that phone is!!! When you get malware or a virus on your android just you panic !!!try to get rid of it!!! Iphone and blackberry OS10 can eliminate those problems at ease!!! Up to the bbry passport! ANDROIDS ARE INFERIOR SISTEM MORE UNSTABLE!!!. I USE ALL 3 TIPES OF OPERATING sistems. Try them and you will find out. 3.party apps can messup your android easyly

  3. best review so far, you didn't bring up repeated topics like various other channels do that we've all heard over and over again.

    keep up the good work, you earned yourself a subscriber

  4. One thing which I like in ios devices is they don't get considerably slow as they age. My S4 started to show its age by crashing or lagging. Although iphones are expensive and have less features, sometimes I think of getting one considering the fact that they do last long. I suppose things have changed for the better in android scenario . What's your opinion android users? Those who have purchased flagship phones in the last 2 years? Are they still as good as they were new?

  5. I upgraded from the 6s 16GB to the 7 Plus 256GB. Absolutely love it. Battery is amazing. Camera is great. Storage is amazing. I love the bigger screen and I'm easily getting use to the bigger device. The matter black is real nice. Just really glad I decided to upgrade!

  6. Michael, i am going to upgrade from an iPhone 4s to a 7 or 7+ ,which one should i get? i really like the depth of field effect, longer battery and better display on the 7+, but also don't like such a big phone, please help.

  7. What a nice voice you have to listen to. I was bothered every second of this video. And what you were going to tell or say next.

    This is one of the best review video's I have ever seen. With at the and an honest conclusion to buy which phone which could be the Samsung also.

    And not just to mark how good the iPhone is.

    This made me subscribe your channel. Thanks!

    PS: My english is not that good, but i wanted to say this!

  8. Grrr I still am angry about the note 7 (was dying to get one) but seriously, nobody on YouTube even gets close to the fact that the iPhones are way faster then Samsung's?


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