iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel XL Full Comparison

In this video sakitech will do a full comparison between the iPhone 7 Plus vs the Google Pixel XL. iPhone 7 Plus is a pure Apple phone with full hardware and software optimization, and now the Pixel XL has done the same exact thing. It is designed and engineered by Google through and through. As such, it becomes a direct competitor to iPhone 7 Plus. So let’s compare the 7 Plus to Pixel XL and review which one is better.

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  1. damn did the cell phone market get still there's no new Innovations anymore they're all starting to look alike they don't even try to make groundbreaking phone designs anymore besides Samsung but we seen what happened with the note Fiasco and that was a beautiful phone that's a damn shame because I love Samsung but the iPhone 7 and Google pixel are f**** ugly

  2. Informative and helpful review. I love my iPhone but have been waiting for something other than a Samsung device to gain my attention. I might just have to try out the pixel xl

  3. That initial shot goes to show just how HUGE the bezels are on the 7+. It's amazing to me how so many people complained about the bezel on the pixels. What an ugly mess the iPhone is. The camera bump, the horrible looking antenna lines. Come on.

  4. when i suddenly have to leave the house and my phone is dead i just bring my charger. Im not going wait for 15min to fast charge my phone for a couple of hours of juice. The whole fast charging thing always seems a bit gimmicky to me. Id rather not have fast charge and have a healthy battery after two years of use.

  5. Google be like, "The Movie Was Released November 16, 1996 at approximately 7:45am est time…"

    Siri be like, "What Movie!? B***, You Didn't Tell Me The Name, How In The Hell Am I Suppose To Know When It Came Out When I Don't Even Know What You Watched, or Watching, or Going To Watch, This Is STUPID!!!"

  6. Wow, I'm blown away by this excellent review- extremely informative, thorough, and thoughtful.I haven't encountered a good comparison review for these two phones until now. This is exactly what I needed to see before making a decision. Thanks a bunch, sakitech. BTW, you got an automatic subscription out of me- outstanding work.

  7. I am an android fanboy and when i saw the advert i was lmao at how they were taking shots at the iphone but im quite disappointed with the google pixel. It's lees powerful than the iphone, not a huge camera difference slower storage and only slightly more ram yet the same price. If you are going to buy and android device buy samsung galaxy s8 edge when that comes out not this. And ffs do not buy the iphone

  8. iPhones arent built by Apple. It's literally the same concept as the Pixel, with another company taking the designs and software and making the phone exactly by Google's standards.

  9. Good job bro! Well done. I am battling between those two, though leaning towards Pixel. However those processing speed test scores are letting Pixel bit down. In saying that i did had a play with Google Pixel today in one of the stores that sells this phone and lagging is not obvious to the eye. But to the mind yeah it seems bit worrying. Anyway thanks for the review.


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