iPhone 7 Review!

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Ultimate iPhone 7 Review, Is It Worth Buying? What’s Good? What’s Bad? In Depth Review of Camera, Usability & Best Features.

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  1. You see, I just got a brand new IPhone 7 last week. One day my phone died while I was listening to music and doing my hw, I had to rely on my laptop for music. When I tried to plug in my earphone to the laptop, I couldn't find a port to plug in.That's when I realized I'm fucked. The end.

  2. Can you please give me an iPhone 6 s I see that you are good with them and know a lot about them . I'm a subscriber and I have watch a lot of your videos and I have told my friends a lot about you because they had an android and they wanted to know about iPhones . So I would like for you to please give me a iPhone 6s my address is 3513 Kennedy blv jersey city


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