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iPhone Tracking App > How To track an iPhone to catch a cheating spouse?

The best way to track an iPhone to catch a cheating spouse and uncover their infidelity, is to purchase iPhone spy software and use it as an iPhone tracking app.  iPhone spy software is essentially an iPhone tracking app with a few extra spy phone features that enables you to do a bit more than just track an iPhone. What you get is a powerful iPhone tracking app, mixed with a spy app that provides a variety of spy features to track AND spy on your spouses iPhone.

This type of software sells anywhere from $50 bucks to as high as $350. It really depends what features you want out of an iPhone tracking app. If you want to only track an iPhone, then you can get by with spending $50 bucks.  However, if you want to track, spy on, and listen to your spouses calls, then be prepared to spend upwards of $350.

Here is a quick overview of the features found in iPhone spy software.

Stealth GPS Tracking – If you want to track an iPhone, this is how it’s done.  Using iPhone spy software as an iPhone tracking app enables you to secretly track an iPhone view both historical and real time logs with links to Google Maps.

Live Call Monitoring – This iPhone spy feature enables you to secretly listen in on LIVE calls made or received on your spouse’s iPhone.

Remote Monitoring – Secretly listen in on the surroundings of the iPhone. Once you determine that they your spouse is not where they are supposed to be, you can use this mobile eavesdropping feature to secretly listen in on your spouse’s surroundings.

View Incoming & Outgoing Text Messages – Even if the text messages are deleted as soon as they are read, this iPhone spy software feature will enable you to read them.

View Call Logs – Find out who your spouse is calling, and who is calling them.  Full call logs are recorded, along with date, time, and length of call that occurs on the iPhone.

iPhone Tracking App > Where to buy?

If you want to buy iPhone spy software to use as an iPhone tracking app and a way to spy on your spouse’s iPhone, you do have a couple choices.  The recommended brands are either Flexispy (only iPhone spy software that has live call monitoring), and Mobile Spy  (absolutely fantastic value for the money).

The best one to buy is really up to you.  It all depends on your budget and features you want out of an iPhone tracking app and/or spy app.  Once you know exactly what you want to do, and how much you can spend, you can then tailor your purchase decision to the best software for you.

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