Is Sony’s new Playstation 4 “The King” Ad being Dishonest?! Greatness Awaits indeed!

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Sony released a new holiday ad for the PS4 that features 3 games that aren’t releasing until next year and later. I had alot to say about this ad so watch the video!

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  1. I followed the link in that King ad. Takes you right to the PS4 page where The Last Guardian advertised right underneath Uncharted 4, and Horizon: Zero Dawn right after that.

    You make mention that multiplats rule, especially during the holidays, and then complain that Sony gets a pass for not releasing many 1st party games (or at least huge published games) during the holiday. Why would they? Their games would get buried by those huge multiplats. Look at what happened to Sunset Overdrive and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

  2. I don't really see the need to get bent out of shape over an ad but ultimately you buy a ps4 for the past, now and future. obviously the ad is a play off the original ad like you mentioned and they show the biggest games coming out in the future. i just don't see what the issue is.

  3. I don't trust these companies with anything they say when they advertise something, now i got both console's to play their games and i'm enjoying them but i don't buy something that isn't coming out until next year or further in the future. These companies are pure genius in advertisement and there are stupid people out their buying into this hype and don't think before they buy, both companies are out to make money!

  4. So how does Sony's ad say it's for the holidays? Also you keep saying that Sony did not release anything this holiday, but I have a new PSVR that has tons of exclusives. Plus they put out the Pro.

  5. While the advert is a little misleading, nowhere in the ad does it state that it's intended as a "holiday ad", whatever that is. Plus it's no more egregious than Microsoft recently did with their Xbox One S advertisement, stating it was the "Best selling console in America" and had "over 100 exclusives", even though it was only referring to the most recent 3 months of sales not the overall tally and Xbox One only really has 30 exclusives games, some of which require a Kinect not included with the S. Also Microsoft, until recently, were putting "exclusive" at the start of their trailers on first party games even though the games were also on PC. I'm not saying this excuses Sony but try not to put MS in higher standing than it deserves, they are just as bad if not worse.

    "Best selling console in America" "Over 100 exclusives"

    Quantum Break



  6. Iro-fucking-ny! Where were the Xtwats when most of that "killer 2016 lineup" got delayed to 2017 just six days into this year? Where were the Xtwats when Fable Legends, part of the "greatest lineup in Xbox history," got killed off on the brink of completion?

    Apparently it's OK for Uncle Phil to lead you by the nose for games that are years off and sometimes never arrive!

    To think, you keep crying over adverts and marketing slogans. No wonder everyone hates Xbox fanboys.

  7. great vid, sony really are desperate. they also announce games, cancel them, and dont tell anyone. at least we know phantom dust and fable legends are canceled. what ever happen to agent and deep down and who knows what else. They tease games and you never hear about them again. last guardian was announced 8 years ago, how do we even know if spiderman or god of war will get the last guardian treatment or even the deep down/agent treatment.

  8. yes the did it before and ps4 now have so many games like /
    infamos ss
    uncharted 4
    R & C
    until down
    drive club
    the order 1886
    tear away
    gruvty rush
    world of ff
    and more ..
    soon well have //
    + the last garduan
    + gravty rush 2
    + ni oh
    + horizon zero d
    + kingdom hearts 2.8
    nire 2
    and more..😂

  9. Rand, I really thought you were better than the BGST mafia.
    I'm an xbox fan but Microsoft did the same thing with fable legends, scalebound, crackdown 3, etc…
    You know that those playstation exclusives are very close down the road, and as an xbox fan I play the sony exclusives here and there, I think you should do the same.
    This comment comes from a GAMER perspective.

  10. LMAO wut? Sony's E3 2016 was one of the worst because of fucking release dates? Do you even know the fucking point of E3 or are you just using that as a reason to fight your stupid fictional console war? E3 is there to show the future which has the been the point of it for a very long time and it's not going to change because Xbox does it differently.

    You also go onto mention that Sony is trying to sell their console because of the they're the top selling console…but then contradict yourself when you say MS makes an advert mainly centred around the XB1 S being the top selling console in the US.

    "They're living off the Greatness Awaits tagline". WTF are you even talking about? It's a fucking slogan just like the Xbox "Jump Ahead" thing and the "4theplayers" hashtag. At this point you're talking out of your ass.

    "Sony doesn't even have faith in their first staple". You either have issues getting your points across or you're, once again, talking out of your ass.

    "Why don't they tease Gears 5". Well I don't know, weren't they JUST showing gameplay off at E3 of Gears 4 which hadn't even been released yet? ONCE AGAIN, a lack of getting your point across and more of just the same stuttering bullshit.

    This video is the type of video I hate because it focuses more on the console war more than just focusing on the ACTUAL bullshit that needs to be cleared up by the gaming community collectively. You so obviously made this video off-the-cuff JUST after you watched that video because you didn't even bother to go into the description to, guess what? Find out that all the games Sony shows in that trailer are listed WITH/WITHOUT release dates respectively. I guess this is what you get when you hang around obsessive mental-degens who care about the brand of a company and gaming politics more than actual GAMING.

  11. Its not dishonest and its not hyperbole. While I still prefer Pc gaming if I had to pick a console it would be the upcoming PS Pro if only for the fact that its exclusives interest me far more.

  12. you realize people can say the same about you. One side says they are misleading and the other says they are nothing but fanboys being triggered. You call out one but forget that you are doing the same right now. People said that PS guys had valid reason for speaking out about the Xbox ad but u refer to it as nothing but triggered fanboy, yet you make this video um yeah ok. And as for the argument about the delays or revealing games to early yes you have a point but you seem to forget to mention that it's subjective. People like you didn't like the way Sony did their conference because you say they revealed no release dates ok, but some people Sony don't care about that, just as is your guy's answer to people criticizing MS for putting all their games on PC and their past E3 conference gave them no reason to buy an Xbox. You obviously say different ok because it's subjective and alot of people seem to forget that fact.

  13. I'm guessing #HuntTheTruth wasn't dishonest right? xbox fan girls are the most 1 dimensional fucktards on youtube. They talk the talk then pussy foot around everything else… And I'm not hating on all of you xbox gamers but crap, mooch ext are the biggest jokes of the gaming community and anyone else who associates with these clowns and agree with them are jokes as well. This shit makes you look like a fucking idiot dude shut the fuck up and game.

  14. Xbox fans spent $100 more for a weaker system at lunch launch and have the nerve to tell us PlayStation fans not to spend a $100 more for a system that is 2 times more powerful than the standard ps4 How much stupider can you get!!!!!!!!!

  15. ALL THESE XFAGS FAGGOT FANBOYS DO IS criticize Playstation and what they do from commercials 2 games allday everday with 3 hour podcast just talking about the Playstation brand where do these dudes ever have time 2 play there weak as 1st party games like this pussy bleeding guy here? damn man the hate is real and these xtawts dont let up. this that is talking in this video will probably die for that xfailure one console.

  16. Sony fans IQ is low pimp they don't understand when u speak since to them so they won't get the add at all u can tell them that God Of War is coming in 2020 and they well wait for it


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