Is This the Best 24″ Gaming Monitor?

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Samsung CFG70 24″ Quantum Dot FreeSync Monitor Review!
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Samsung CFG70 Series 24-Inch Gaming Monitor


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  1. That monitor had tearing in every single freesync mode in this video. Something tells me a driver setting was messed up. My 1440p acer 60hz monitor doesn't tear like this with freesync, I can't imagine this one would be worse.

  2. did i have bottleneck with my gtx 1060 oc windforce 6gb an my proccesor amd apu a 10 5800k?
    and if i have its a little bit or much of bottlenecking?
    please answer because i spent on my pc 1200 euros

  3. How would this monitor be at 60Hz? I have some applications that can't actually run at 144Hz, and I'm wondering if the 1ms response time only holds up at the higher Hz, or if my 60Hz stuff will benefit as well. I have some game consoles I would want to hook up to this alongside my computer, because unfortunately I can notice input lag on your average 20-30ms HDTV game mode, and the only way to improve significantly is to either go with a computer monitor or use an old CRT…


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